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About Us

Arya Public school, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, is a Public school, up to 8th standard run by the management of Arya Samaj Society Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. It was established in March 1988 by the efforts of many dedicated members of Arya Samaj, Malviya Nagar. Arya Public school is a co-ed Middle school, recognized by the Directorate of Education, New Delhi. The building of the school is a part of the spacious building of Arya Samaj Society consisting of nearly 30 rooms. The school has about 600 students whose excellence can be perceived in various spheres. The school is firmly rooted in enriching philosophy of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati highlighting the importance of value education and the need of the society for balanced individual who can become conscientious citizens of our country. The academic performance of the students is excellent due to the experienced and dedicated faculty. The school provides opportunities for students to excel in Games and Sports, Dance and Music, Debates, Recitations etc. Not only this, the school strives to make its students true Arya Citizens of the country. Emphasis is laid upon our ancient culture and Vedic tradition. In this context, we are proud to say that our students are well versed in the Vedic culture by performing regular Hawan, Mantra recitation which are a regular feature in the school time table. Moral and Value education is imparted to students not only by the teachers but also by organizing religious discourses by eminent spiritual leaders. We are striving hard to uphold the above stated moral values and run the school as per the present atmosphere of India.

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Babita Mehra


Arya Public School has over the years earned a name in the adjoining areas and is serving the society in the field of Education to help the needy students, since 1988. Our school is a branch of that sprawling Arya Samaj, which is rooted in ancient Indian Tradition but which reaches out to the sky.

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H.N. Mithrani


Learning literally means knowledge acquired by studying. The years of a child in school are very critical for the growth and development of an individual. We, at APS, intend and strive to ignite this fire in the minds and hearts of our children right from an early stage and consequently move ahead on the path of enlightenment.

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Mrs. Kamla Arora


Since Independence, India has made lots of progress in the field of Education. Today’s education is available for all, unlike the previous years without any discrimination. It has the power to bring about human development and economic enrichment, establish equality and promote social justice.

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